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There is a new cryptocurrency in the market called Kindly. Yes, it is a cryptocurrency, but it is different from the other ones in the market. Kindly is a humanitarian crypto project that will change the charity industry for the better.

In this article, we will explain what Kindly is and what kind of an impact it has on the charity-giving industry.

You can join our mission to make the world a better place and donate to FFL with Kindly Coin.

What is Kindly Coin?

One of the greatest food aid charity initiatives in the world, Food For Life Global, developed Kindly, a cryptocurrency project centered on humanitarianism (FFLG). At Food for Life Global, we serve more than one million vegan meals every day while providing food help in more than 60 different nations. More than seven billion free meals have been provided by Food for Life Global so far.

Kindly Coin’s main objective is to make it simple to generate quantifiable social impact using the FFLG’s current infrastructure and experience. Kindly Coin aims to provide a completely simplified method for buying, measuring, and carrying out a verified measurable social impact on blockchain technology using The Kindly Ecosystem.

Kindly ESG

Kindly Ecosystem

Kindly Coin Project’s goal is to make it simple and straightforward for people to perform unplanned acts of kindness by developing items that are both practical and simple to use. It all centers on the adoption of Kindly Coin, its governance/utility currency, and the Kindly ecosystem. This is described below.

Kindly Coin

A cryptocurrency called the Kindly Coin (KIND) will be used to transfer value and social effects across several blockchains. Kindly Coin will start looking to decentralize different parts of the project once their ecosystem is fully functional, and they’ll use the KIND token to put voting and governance systems in place.

Kindly NFTs

This is the consumer facing NFT platform Kindly will be using to introduce a number of cutting-edge, socially conscious NFT Collections. These collections will look at what it means to have a digital identity and how that relates to being a decent person offline.

Kindly API

The infrastructure required to completely automate and simplify the capacity to acquire and execute meaningful social impact will be built with the steady spread of the ecosystem. With this procedure in place, Kindly can develop products that make it simpler for other businesses, wallets, and exchanges to designate tiny portions of their transaction fees to buy social impact on a reliable and measurable scale.

Kindly Market

The Kindly Social Effect Marketplace is an e-commerce platform where anybody can simply buy measurable social impact using fiat or cryptocurrency, including businesses, celebrities, influencers, and ordinary people. On the blockchain, every transaction is verified and monitored.

With the Kindly Social Effect Marketplace, consumers can simply purchase a quantified social impact outcome, in contrast to typical donation platforms where contributors hope the organization achieves good with their investment. Each type of social effect has a set cost, for instance, feeding a needy person costs $0.50, planting a tree costs $0.25, and feeding a rescued animal costs $1.

Paul Rodney Turner - CoFounder, Kindly

What is the role of Kindly Coin in the Charity Market?

The majority of customers today prefer businesses that give back in a significant way in addition to being socially responsible. In fact, if one company is more generous than another, 71% of young customers will even switch to it. Such cause marketing, however, has never been quantified before. In other words, what exactly occurs with the transactional percentages that are donated to charitable causes?

Unfortunately, “charity washing,” which is like the strategy known as “greenwashing,” is now all too prevalent. In this practice, a business makes a show of doing good deeds while then minimizing their beneficial impact via lack of transparency or actions that hinder the cause they support.

Large organizations, financial companies, brands, influencers, and small enterprises are incorporating varying aspects of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) in their activities in response to the rise of socially conscious customers. There is therefore a critical need for socially conscious companies capable of providing them with a reliable, transparent, and verifiable way to contribute to the environment and society.

How does Kindly Coin Help?

Given the over 40 years of humanitarian work of Kindly’s founders, Kindly is aware of the significance of environmental, cultural, and corporate governance (ESG). To execute a completely measured, accredited, as well as a transparent platform for performing social good in the world, the founders have designed the Kindly ecosystem to meet all the most important requirements.

The potential of a platform that adheres to corporate social responsibility is enormous (CSR). A regenerative ecosystem that addresses some of the most pressing problems confronting our planet. Being mindful of where and how we spend our funds is the single largest thing we can do to alter the way the world functions.

Kindly’s main objective is to make it simple to generate quantifiable social impact, drawing on the resources and expertise of FFLG and the other two major charity partners. Kindly wants to create a completely simplified procedure for buying, measuring, and carrying out verifiable social effects on the blockchain using the Kindly ecosystem.


Why Choose Kindly Coin?

Utilizing blockchain and Web3 technology Kindly is creating an ecosystem of goods and services to produce, monitor, and simplify the processing of quantifiable social impact. Kindly is a cryptocurrency initiative with a soul, unlike other crypto ventures.

The KIND token, which will be used as the “vehicle” to carry and measure the social effects on the blockchain, is being introduced initially by Kindly. Soon after, the following applications will be released:

  • Kindly Staking: This method encourages users to help run and maintain the network.
  • The Kindly Social Effect Platform: To process and verify safe transactions for social impact.
  • Kindly Social Effect Marketplace: To make it simple for anybody to acquire items that provide quantifiable social impact.
  • Kindly Blockchain Explorer: To find, verify and confirm the status of transactions
  • Kindly Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): These tokens may be used to produce customized assets with demonstrable social effects that can also be included in metaverses, games, and social media platforms.

Any business or person may quickly become socially responsible by registering on Kindly’s platform or by using their goods and services. This is made possible through Kindly. Kindly’s approach offers a degree of trust, accountability, and openness that is sorely lacking in the industry right now. Although the essential component of Kindly’s ecosystem is the processing and monitoring of social impact, Kindly wants to provide a range of consumer and business-related solutions that make it simple for consumers to produce a quantifiable social effect.

How Safe is Kindly Coin?

Kindly Coin project is audited by Certik and secured with Certik’s leading blockchain security service Skyline.

Secure Wallets

Kindly’s staff protects all wallets with multi-signature access that are audited by Certik and secured by Skyline security service. Certik is the industry leader in blockchain protection since it was the first to utilize cutting-edge verification and validation technologies on payment systems and blockchains.

Formal verification, in contrast to conventional security audits, mathematically demonstrates the accuracy and hacker resistance of programs.

Full Transparency

At Kindly, the openness and the confidence it inspires in the users is highly appreciated. As a result, Kindly regularly releases reports detailing team spending and verified social effects. On the Ethereum blockchain, recent transactions can always be viewed.

Wallet and Token Management

The token and the Kindly coin wallets are managed by OpenZeppelin. The industry standard for safe blockchain applications. OpenZeppelin offers security tools for developing, automating, and running distributed systems. They safeguard top businesses by conducting security assessments on their networks and goods.



The multi-billion-dollar industry for charitable giving will benefit from accountability, transparency, and trust thanks to Kindly, a blockchain initiative with a humanitarian focus. To be the industry leader in measuring and producing a social effect, Kindly is building a socially responsible supply chain and eventually hopes to own it.

One of the world’s leading food aid charity initiatives, Food For Life Global, co-founded Kindly (FFLG). A network of more than 250 affiliate projects run by the US-based non-profit distributes more than 1 million freshly prepared plant-based meals every day and offers food aid in over 65 countries. Since its founding, the organization has delivered more than 8 billion meals and received support from well-known personalities such as Sir Paul McCartney as well as the late Nelson Mandela.

With Kindly Coin, you can contribute to society without even realizing it!

Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, after all, it is cool to be kind!

If you already have Kindly tokens, you can donate directly to FFL’s charity wallet: 0x7472a4BA324d0989F35C14b47debE98256b6E3d5


what-is-kindly-coinPaul Rodney Turner

Paul Rodney Turner, the founder of Food for Life Global, a leading international nonprofit organization committed to ending world hunger.


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