Expanding Sustainably – 4 Key Steps To Set Up A Green Business In Italy As An Immigrant


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Italy is one of the best countries for green entrepreneurs as it boosts sustainable businesses and eco-conscious ventures. Not surprisingly, it has several eco-labels, making it an excellent destination for business owners in the UK and across the EU.

The country is a leader on the waste management performance front and integrates climate change and sustainable development into its curriculum. It makes the best place to start a green enterprise and achieve sustainable growth as an immigrant.

You can even get in easily through the investor visa immigration route. If you want to explore the option, the entire process is well-explained on mbersanilaw.com website. Here are some tips for UK-based business owners looking to set up a green venture in Italy.

1. Start with a viable business idea


A green business idea is the mainstay of a sustainable start-up. You can check your current venture and expand with the same product or service. Alternatively, you can start from scratch with a green product and sustainable operations.

Dig deep into the local market to understand the demand, competition, and applicable regulations in the domain. You may also get a sustainability grant. Once you are confident about the business idea, you can draw a start-up plan and decide on your budget.

2. Embrace the investor visa


A focus on sustainability means you may have less time and bandwidth for anything else. Immigration formalities can sap your energy, but you can ease it by opting for the investor visa route. It has optimal timelines, and you can land in Italy within months instead of years.

Moreover, the investment is not as hefty as you may expect because you can get in with a starting investment of EUR 250,000. The funds must come only after completing the process, so your money is safe throughout.

3. Expand across the EU


The market for sustainable products is huge in Italy, and these are also in high demand across the EU. The good thing about the investor visa program is that it sets the path to expansion across these markets.

You can travel visa-free into the Schengen zone, so expanding your business is a breeze. It enables you to attend trade shows, meet clients, and prospect markets without travel hindrances. There couldn’t be a better way to make the most of your business idea.

4. Commit to the green mindset


Setting up a green business in Italy is easy, provided you follow the apt immigration route. But you must commit to the mindset throughout your journey. Stick with sustainability best practices in all areas, from production to packaging, logistics, and marketing.

The investor visa lets you focus on these aspects because you need not worry about the formalities of staying in the country for good. It makes you eligible for Italian citizenship after completing a decade in the country.

Final thoughts

Italy is one of the best destinations for entrepreneurs with a green mindset. It encourages sustainability and offers an easy immigration pathway for business owners looking to set up and grow an eco-conscious enterprise in the country that follows ESG principles.


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