Avallen Calvados Launched in a Paper Bottle as a First at Harvey Nichols


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Sustainability in the spirits industry has just taken a massive leap with the launch of the first mainstream spirit to be housed in a paper bottle. Pioneering environmentally conscious brand Avallen, which is distributed in the UK by premium spirits distributor Mangrove UK, has just launched this unique new paper bottle for its deliciously refreshing completely natural Calvados. Available exclusively until the end of November at Harvey Nichols this marks a first for the UK spirits industry.

Far more robust than glass and six times lighter, weighing in at just 82 grams, this type of packaging will minimise glass usage in the future and significantly reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, with the carbon footprint of each bottle being no less than six times lower than the average glass alternative.

But that doesn’t mean the bottle is uninspiring – oh no. The design of the bottle remains beautifully detailed, with a colourful and intricate design that wraps around the whole product, showcasing the existing Avallen Calvados brand. The brand itself reflects not only the sustainable credibility that makes it a popular choice with conscious consumers but also the delicate, floral, and fruity flavours that Calvados lovers’ lust over. And it remains at the same price as the glass bottle alternative.

Avallen Calvados has always been a pioneering brand that creates sumptuous spirits whilst helping the planet – in fact, being ‘planet positive’ is built into every stage of Avallen’s process, from distillation to shelf.

Tim Etherington-Judge, Co-Founder of Avallen says:

“At Avallen we’re always trying to improve our environmental performance and combine it with beautiful design. I think our new paper bottle really delivers on both and we’re delighted to launch it exclusively in Harvey Nichols – one of the world’s most famous retailers.”

The development has been made in partnership with sustainable packaging brand, Frugalpac, whose global mission is to help the planet by decarbonising the food and drinks industry. The paper bottle housing Avallen’s delicious Calvados spirit is made from 94% recycled paper, with a food-grade pouch inside that ensures the spirit inside is safe. With each bottle so light, the reduced weight also makes it cheaper to deliver (or post if you’re sending it as a gift)!

Since its launch in 2019, Avallen has built its business around taking action against the climate crisis. The drinks industry can often be viewed as an environmental rogue, responsible for catastrophic biodiversity loss and the depletion of natural resources. Avallen tackles this by authentically and honestly giving back more to the planet than they take. The brand is an ideal example of a company that’s producing great quality alcohol alongside helping the environment, with impact-led production methods and the use of a mere three ingredients (apples, water, and time). They have already achieved B Corp certification and 1% For the Planet membership – certifications granted to only the most conscious of businesses.

Nick Gillett, MD of Mangrove UK adds:

“Avallen has always embarked on a mission to take action against the climate crisis and inspire drinkers to giving back more than they take. This new incredible paper bottle exemplifies exactly this and will appeal not just to eco-conscious drinkers but to anyone who is intent on reducing waste.”

This latest step solidifies Avallen’s commitment to being ‘planet positive’ and is now available in its paper packaging, exclusively within Harvey Nichols.

Nick Bell, Senior Spirits Buyer at Harvey Nichols said of the product:

 “At Harvey Nichols, we are proud to be stocking Avallen in its spectacular sustainable packaging across our bars and stores.

“As a buyer, you have a real opportunity to take genuine, positive steps to reduce carbon and improve biodiversity, so being able to take on a carbon-negative product with the quality of Avallen is extremely rewarding.”

The product and its eye-catching new paper bottle will be available for wider purchase in stores and online at avallenspirits.com, from the 1st of December. Priced at £35.



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