9 Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas for 2023


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Whether you love an ottoman, modular sofa, armchair, or loveseat/sofa, any green-coloured furniture in your living room has the power to transform the look of the space completely. Indulge in emerald green and dark-moss green sofas to add a dramatic feel to your green living space and discover some sofas with eco-friendly features.

Buying a new sofa is a challenging task as you need to consider styles, fabrics, and colours. However, we have made that easy with our guide to looking into green sofas that contrast nicely with the living room interior and are environment-friendly.

We have added the companies that sell the listed sofas with related social media posts so that you can learn more about their sofa tips, offers and deals.


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Price: $1,699.00

This impressive emerald green velvet sofa gives your space a modern look and blends well in a large contemporary living room with beautiful textured walls and natural flooring.

The apartment sofa has retro cutback arms, double seat cushions, modern brass legs, a perfect silhouette, and a low-tufted back. Therefore, it is not just a stylish element in the house but offers ultimate relaxation.

Throw burnt orange pillows on the sofa or white pillows for an elite finish to add warmth. This sofa stands out from traditional ones and features Parisian lines inspired by French flea markets.


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Price: £1799

To leave a stunning finish to your living room, we introduce the handcrafted Bradford Sofa from West Elm. The GREENGUARD Gold Certified product is customizable according to your needs. There are different fabric and colour options, but the green signature Bradford Sofa has no comparison.

A neutral-coloured room with wooden flooring, textured wall art, dark wooden furniture, a few photo frames and the emerald green sofa makes your living room classy. Additionally, you can place multi-coloured pillows like lemon yellow, bright orange, and vivid cerise.

What’s more appealing is the comfort and relaxation added to the style of the sofa. The padded arm, crowned bench seat cushion, oak-finished hardwood legs, customizable sofa length, and sectional configuration make the product a comfortable unit.


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Price: £3,350

The elegant green Malibu Sofa is customizable and offers a formal presence in your living space, and the bolsters are super comfortable. The designer offers funky accessory combinations.

If you are looking for an elegant living room, colour your walls white to make the room look bigger. And add some dark green accent chairs, a black entertainment console, and a white ottoman coffee table in the centre, and place the emerald green velvet sofa combined with a vintage base finish facing the console.

You can put some hanging lights from the ceiling, and a few house plants in the corner and see how appealing your room is to the guests.


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Price: £3,080

Have you ever wondered how a sofa can change the entire look of your dull living room? If you are changing the interior looks and adding new furniture, here’s a suggestion.

Use green texture colour to paint one wall while the remaining be white, beige, or cream-coloured. Make large French windows on the wall painted with texture colour, and place the emerald green four-seater sofa in front of the border with white pillows.

Add a small white ottoman coffee table in front, place two accent chairs, place some house-decorating plants in the corner, and hang a beautiful lamp.


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Price: $1,189.99

This velvet green stunning loveseat leaves an elite image of your living room. You can combine a large, white-checked sofa in the centre and two Tiberius 65″ on either side. Use white marble flooring, large French doors opening to a veranda, place a few plants on the veranda, and provide sufficient lighting. You can choose neutral colours for the walls and put antique wall hangings to make the entire set-up look classy.

The velvet upholstery used in the furniture goes soft with your skin, and the rounded arm with a single seat cushion offers comfort and makes it a perfect piece of furniture for a meeting in your living room.


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Price: $349.00

This modern green velvet sofa adds simplicity and style to your room. If your living space is small or you don’t want too expensive items yet want guests to praise your décor sense, then this product will make your day.

It has a multi-position split-back design which helps you recline the backrest independently, and you can enjoy sitting, sleeping, or lounging on the sofa.



Order online here.

Price: $1,700

Green and orange make a great combination. If one wall of your room is painted orange and the other has a light beige, you can place the sofa backing one of the light-coloured walls. Add dark colour accessories, a wooden table, or a wall shelf to set the television, a small coffee table, and suitable light arrangements.

This loveseat combines art and style that looks appealing when placed in a perfect set-up. The cushions are comfortable yet add some orange pillows to make the seat look and feel relaxing.



Order online here.

Price: $2190

This Nomad Sofa from Burrow has a matching reversible velvet chaise lounge for extra relaxation. There are five trending colours with six-leg finishes, from classic dark wood finish to glamorous brass metallic finish; it is customizable. These are still resistant and do not wear down quickly. So, you can place them in living rooms for years.

Look at the glamourous loveseat, and you will want to change the wall paints of your room to keep the focus on the furniture. Remove the chaise when not needed and place a convertible wooden table to enjoy evening tea or watch your favourite show on the television.

Add some colourful pillows if the room is dull in colour. Remember, cushions, and furniture fabrics must contrast nicely with the colour of your room and the accessories used to decorate the room.



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Price: $1895

This forest-coloured sofa goes with every living room decor and fits through your doorway. It makes it comfortable from every angle, the cushion upholstery is durable, the fabric is stain-resistant, and the sleek birch frame is a sturdy base. We have a hidden padded panel that eliminates cushion slippage to add comfort.

Place it in front of a bright yellow wall with dark colour accessories like wall hangings, photo frames, or antique collections. Hang 2-3 lamps from the top, and keep your floor white to attract the entire focus to the furniture. Place a coffee table in front to enjoy a refreshing evening with chitchats.

Wrapping Up

With the rising ecological awareness of consumers and caring about the future of our planet, companies should participate in green initiatives and customers are making green a trend. Producing, selling and buying green sustainable furniture that is long-lasting, beautiful, comfortable, and eco-friendly does not mean you need to compromise on style. However, you may need to dig a bit deeper into your pocket, but high-quality products last far longer as you move away from the fast fashion and home décor phenomenon.

Disclaimer: all information listed about these sofas dates back to the publication date of this post so please check the product link to see if the product is still available and its latest price.


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