10 Best Green Living Room Ideas And Trends for 2022

Green Living Room Ideas

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Have you ever seen those environmental campaign ads on Social Media?

They come in on a green platform and advertise some new eco-friendly gadgets and technologies like a lamp or dishwasher. They have recently become the new, hip thing on the block due to the increasing awareness of climate change.

It all starts with a little #GoGreen.

Adopting a green lifestyle is difficult, especially in the fast-paced digital nomad culture we so carefully cultivate. Green technology always seems too expensive, too unwieldy,  too much to take care of… But if we don’t try our best to pick more eco-friendly options, our planet and our lives will be impacted negatively as climate change shows.

The living room is the heart of anyone’s property  – and the heart must be clean and healthy to function well. Green technologies and interior design options help you decorate uniquely, even lasting much longer than standard ways of decorating.

After all, saving the earth never goes out of style.

Here are some ways you can go about redecorating your living room, and ride on the wave of green trends of 2020, all while being an eco-warrior for a higher cause.

Support Sustainable Brands

It all starts by choosing to let go of large corporations and supporting local, eco-friendly brands. Support companies that are doing real work on sustainability as a way of business. Avoid companies that only use buzzwords and don’t act. You can find out whether they follow sustainable and ethical practices by checking the UK Government’s guidance on sustainability for businesses.

Feel The Sunshine - Green Living RoomFeel The sunshine

The goal of going green is to lower your carbon footprint, to use as little non-renewable energy as possible. To that goal, try maximizing your use of natural sunlight.

Most rooms aren’t made with sunlight in mind, but you can fix this. The colour white on window eaves, shades of white on walls, glass, and mirrors can help a room look brighter.

Find a Better Footing

There are different types of eco-friendly floors out there, but the ones most popular are bamboo and linoleum.

Bamboo is a tad bit more expensive than linoleum, but it is easier and cheaper to maintain. With proper care, a bamboo floor can last for decades.

Linoleum lasts for a shorter period. In return, it gives you fantastic water resistance. Choose your floor depending on your climate.

Recycle and Reduce

Eco-friendly furniture is made with recycled components or those that don’t harm the environment. From wood to metal – a lot of manufacturers provide green furnishings.

Using eco-friendly furniture doesn’t immediately translate to splurging an excessive amount of furniture. Buying used materials is easy, both online and offline- and often, they’re as good as new.

Reuse & Repurpose - eco friendly living roomReuse and Repurpose

So, we’ve talked about buying eco-friendly furniture, but what about repurposing old ones?

There are endless ways to upcycle old everyday items into amazing pieces that can transform the entire look of a living room. A stepladder can transform into a bookshelf, a cabinet into a mini home bar. A cutlery shelf might fight right into your living room and look much better than a stuffy bookshelf.

If you need more ideas, just take a quick jog through Pinterest. The possibilities are never-ending.

Cushion out Your Worries

The couch, the chairs, and the cushions.

The three most important C’s of the living room.

Of these, the cushions don’t get a lot of thought. Don’t make this mistake.

Invest in some proper cushions fillings. They might be more expensive, but they’re softer and more long-lasting than any synthetic filling, and they do wonders for your back as well.

The most premium option is the buckwheat hull fill, which is far superior to any synthetic (or even natural) cushion filling in the market.

While you’re at it, get some eco-friendly covers for your cushions as well. Look for covers made with hemp, organic cotton, and wool blends.

Roll Out the Green Carpet

There is a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable carpets and rugs sold for good, competitive prices, both offline and online.

Eco-friendly carpets are made from natural fibers and use little to no chemical treatment. These often use very light padding made of recycled cotton.

You could even choose to get rid of the carpet altogether, using jute, coir or sisal instead.

Or you could go for the middle route and choose a carpet made with jute or coir to have the best of both worlds.

C’est la vie!

Channel the Power of the Sun

Once an expensive and cumbersome alternative energy source, solar power has begun to dive into the mainstream. Solar-powered lamps and lighting is all the rage right now.

While a bit expensive to install, the panels pay off their costs- cutting down on energy bills by a lot.

Small movable lights with rechargeable solar cells make for good lighting in dark corners of a living room, and brighten up the whole space.

Bring in a Breath of Fresh Air

Fresh Air in Green Living RoomThe majority of air fresheners sold in supermarkets are a cocktail of harmful chemicals that can damage both us and the environment. They work by masking odors, not removing them. These chemicals can accumulate in carpets over time, leading to a toxic environment within the house.

There are non-toxic fresheners available in the market, and you must check the product labels before buying. Some manufacturers often try to fool customers by falsely stating a product to contain a natural scent. If unsure, check for the product’s MSDS online.

If you are in a DIY mood, you could make your own air freshener with items at home- a quick google search through life hacks should give you your results. Even airing out a room can help a lot.

Raise Greenery Within

No green home can be complete without actual greenery inside it. Indoor plants can do a lot to improve the mood of a room, giving it a fresh feel.

Some plants require more light and care, while others require low maintenance. Many plants also absorb common impurities from the air, while releasing extra oxygen for you to breathe.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a plant like the examples below.

source: https://www.lovethegarden.com/

Go green wherever you can

Saving the earth will always be the trendiest thing in the whole world. There’s no reason you can’t work towards it while working from home.

A greener workplace and home uplifts the mind, rejuvenates, and increases productivity- all while giving oneself the satisfaction of being environmentally responsible.

Go right ahead and save the world.

Please include attribution to www.greenlivingblog.org.uk with this graphic.

10 Best Green Living Room Ideas And Trends for 2021

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