6 Simple Strategies for Renters to Embrace Eco-Friendly Living at Home


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Over the last couple of years, the concept of sustainable living grew from a novel idea to something we absolutely need to consider to navigate modern society and economy.

So, it is not that big of a secret that we are experiencing surging energy prices and a shortage of basic resources like fresh water and organic food, and that the impact we produce on the planet we inhabit becomes more devastating with each passing day.

All these things force us to make some necessary lifestyle changes and embrace eco-friendly living practices with greater commitment. This applies even if we don’t own properties and need to work with the baseline set by the apartments we are renting.

Let us look then at a couple of strategies that should help you along the way.

1. Leverage more efficient home electronics


Using appliances and other devices that are more energy efficient can drastically shave off your bills. Of course, keeping in mind you are renting your apartment, more efficient water heaters and refrigerators may be off-limits.

But, even something as simple as using later-gen LED bulbs, and smart gadgets like low-wattage air fryers, smart plugs, and other small upgrades can produce very strong cumulative effects. Leveraging smart technology will make your life easier as well. Still, talk with your landlords about replacing the more power-consuming items, even at your expense. You will be able to use them in your next home when the time comes to move.

2. Start your own home-based garden

You can pull this off regardless of whether you are renting an apartment or a house with a backyard. In recent years we have seen a very welcome surge in indoor gardening which uses pots and vertical spaces to bring some traditional outdoor species directly into your home.

And the options you have at your disposal are truly vivid, ranging from carrots and lettuce to more exotic picks like hot peppers and garlic greens. Growing these plants in your home will not only give you access to free organic food but also make your indoor space livelier, give you a healthy hobby, and lift the mood of the indoor space.

3. Take recycling more seriously


Once again, the options you have at your disposal are numerous and range from home-based composting systems to more complex plastic processing equipment. In this case, choosing a good location is the key.

Take for instance the state of Washington. Finding cheap apartments in Seattle will offset a lot of costs you will need to make to acquire said equipment as well as give you access to developed recycling infrastructure and a variety of state-sponsored incentives and rebates. Using these resources can completely turn your budget around and allow you to cut down your waste production to a bare minimum.

4. Reduce waste

Even if you take the recycling methods, we covered above close to your heart, you can make your case even stronger by simply reducing the amount of waste you leave behind. So, for a start, say goodbye to single-use items like plastic water bottles, shopping bags, food utensils, and food containers.

Also, try to eliminate paper as much as you can. Cloud tech and digital publishing can go a long way in helping this cause. When it comes to clothes, see if your older pieces can be repurposed or donated to some charity. Anything that has some value for someone should never end up being a worthless waste.

5. Think about water conservation


Sustainability isn’t focused entirely on waste and energy. Preserving water is an incredibly important piece of this puzzle. So, talk with your landlord and see if you can negotiate upgrades like low-flow toilets or water recycling systems.

If these things are beyond your reach, you can make tangible improvements even with smaller upgrades like low-flow showerheads and low-flow faucets. From this point on, you can push your efforts even further by taking shorter showers, using reclaimed water for flushing, running the dishwasher only when it’s full, and other water preservation strategies.

6. Support sustainable businesses

Last but not least, we would like to point out that the struggle for a more sustainable society can’t be fought by a single person. The strength of this campaign lies in numbers. Do your best then to help other people who support the green agenda and buy food from local farmers, buy eco-friendly products, and hire services from companies that are implementing sustainable practices.

Even if this takes more effort on your behalf, you need to keep in mind that a sustainable economy will prevail only when it becomes profitable. Your support may look small at first glance, but it more than counts in the long run.


We hope these couple of suggestions give you a better idea about different practices and strategies you can use to make your new household more sustainable and your daily habits more eco-friendly. Yes, the fact you are renting the apartment may limit the number of choices you have at your disposal, but, as we can see, every action counts. And, if you make your efforts consistent, committed, and creative, you will find more than enough room to experiment. Rest assured; you will see the benefits of your struggle sooner than later.

Author bio: Marie Nieves is a passionate blogger with an eye for design, a flair for storytelling, and a love for culture. She contributes regularly to various blogs and online magazines, all while satisfying her wanderlust by exploring states and countries near and far.


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