How to Make Relocating More Eco-Friendly?


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Moving house doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of rubbish is produced. Is it possible to move without leaving a huge carbon footprint?

Certainly, it is. In this article, you will learn how. The earth is and remains our most valuable asset and we should also take better care of it when we move house.

1. Source the most sustainable Materials for a conscious Move

Why use disposable cardboard boxes when there are now much more eco-friendly alternatives? Stick to recycled or biodegradable packing materials to minimize the environmental impact. There is also the option of renting reusable moving crates.

A moving company might offer this service. And what about the fragile objects, you ask? The best way to protect them is with old newspapers, towels, or clothing instead of bubble wrap. You can also reduce your plastic adhesive tape consumption by using paper tape or biodegradable options.

2. Conduct an eco-friendly Declutter of Unwanted Items


So how can you declutter without having a guilty conscience? You should divide your items into three categories: recycle, donate, and compost. For example, your old electronic devices can be disposed of professionally at an e-waste centre. And perhaps you also have things that you can turn into compost. Your plants would be delighted. Also, think about donating clothes you no longer need to charity.

3. Reduce your Carbon Footprint on Moving Day

Green living has become a big trend in the last couple of years. So how can you reduce your carbon footprint on a moving day? One option would be to hire a removal company that uses electric vehicles or offers carbon offset programs.

Also, try to optimize the number of journeys you need to make to transport your belongings from A to B. Perhaps there are people in the neighborhood who are moving at the same time. Here, you can join forces and save valuable resources. Lastly, if it’s a short move, consider using bicycles or electric vehicles for smaller items.

4. Be Creative when Reusing Moving Materials


Why should you throw away boxes when they can become storage solutions? Or save them and store them in the cellar. You can also lend them to other people. And if you have used bubble wrap, you can use it to protect plants from frost in winter. Old clothing or towels are also ideal for pet bedding or car seat covers. This is an excellent way to save money and it also protects the environment.

5. Stay green after the Relocation

How can you maintain an eco-friendly home after your move? You should set up a recycling system to sort waste effectively. You could also switch your lamps to LED lamps as part of the move to save energy. Likewise, you could also make your daily commute more environmentally friendly. And last but not least, think about your food choices. Think about buying more locally and seasonally.


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