7 Easy Green Living Ways to Implement Immediately Today


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Many of us trying to become eco-friendly – whether this is to save money, reduce our carbon footprint, or because we feel pressured by society.

There are some great ways in which you can begin to live a greener life. It doesn’t have to break the bank, indeed, there are plenty of free and cost-saving activities that you can do to start becoming more eco-friendly.

1. Recycle at home


With many items and products now easily recyclable, there is no excuse to not be recycling! Where possible, try to buy recyclable products that don’t contain single-use plastic, to further help reduce your waste.

The kitchen will be your main day-to-day recycling point, as it’s where most households generate the most waste day in and day out. Make sure you – and your family – get into the routine of putting the right products in the right bin.

Creating a habit will make it much easier in the long run when you won’t even have to think about it when disposing of waste.

2. Use solar lighting at home



Using solar lighting at home can not only help to lower your carbon footprint, but it is a great way to add warmth and decorations to your home. With a cozy feel, they can help create a calm space to relax and unwind.

Solar lighting used to be very expensive, which is why most people tried to steer away from it a few years ago. Prices have gone down dramatically, however, and solar lighting is now one of the more budget-friendly options you’ll find on the market.

With energy bills expecting to double in the not-too-distant future, you might want to start considering solar-powered options!

3. Recycle your old clothes


Recycling old clothes is a great way to ensure that the fabrics are reused and do not end up in a landfill. If you’re a bad sewer or don’t think there’s any use to the fabrics you want to recycle, think twice!

You can even use them as cleaning cloths or even as gift wrap at Christmastime. There’s always another use for your older clothes.

Another great option is to give your clothes to charity, this way you are not only supporting a great cause but also providing the opportunity for those on lower incomes to buy affordable clothing – it’s a win, win!

4. Shop in second-hand shops rather than fast-fashion stores


Similarly, shopping in second-hand stores is a great way to find a great bargain, and reuse clothing! After all the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of greenhouse gasses, therefore anything that can be done to minimize this is advantageous!

Second-hand shops are also much cheaper than many high-street stores, and you’re more likely to find an interesting piece no one else around you is wearing. If you’re interested in fashion, a second-hand shop is most definitely a place you need to visit.

5. Read eBooks instead of paper books


Reading ebooks is a fantastic and modern way to reduce how much paper is being wasted, but it can also mean that you can have access to a wider selection of books to read and enjoy, as they are often offered at a cheaper price!

Ebooks are also a better option than paper books when it comes to cleaning the house and tidying around. For those who like to read, having all those books at home in paperback can soon become a serious space issue that no one seems to know how to deal with.

With many affordable e-readers on the market, there are plenty of great reasons to ditch paper books!

6. Always take your own bags everywhere


Although this can save you a bit of money, it can also help to save the planet by reducing how much single-use plastic is created! Also, most people will need a bag daily, which is why it’s so convenient to have one with you at all times.

Why not purchase a personalized handbag carrier bag, therefore you can look trendy and environmentally friendly?

7. Drive less and walk more


Opting to use public transport is not only great for the environment, but it can reduce your costs as well. It’s also a great way to improve your own health since walking is considered to be one of the most effective exercises that don’t require equipment or training! Simply put your joggers on and walk!

Being able to relax and get on with work or catching up with friends is always a bonus, and it can help to make your time less stressful and more productive.

As we’ve mentioned throughout the article, living greener doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! Instead, there are many ways in which going green can help you save some money and the planet. It can also bring other benefits, such as a healthier lifestyle or even a tidier or more minimalist home!


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