4 Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Ideas to achieve Carbon Net Zero Goals by 2050 as a Homeowner


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Everything is expensive right now. The headlines about the cost of living – and energy in particular – are hard to escape and it seems everything is going up in price.

As well as being expensive, energy consumption is bad for the environment. And, when 40% of UK emissions comes from households, it’s worth looking at how we can make some changes around the home to bring that figure down.

Here’s a look at why we need to conserve energy and become more efficient right now especially as homeowners.

Why is energy efficiency important?

Right now, we’re facing a climate crisis. The UK government has pledged to aim for carbon net zero status by 2050 and there are plans in place to help households change the way we consume energy in order to bring down the number of emissions both on an individual property level and on a wider scale.

For instance, the government has introduced a gas and oil burner ban in new build properties from 2025. In addition, there’s a ban on diesel and petrol cars from 2030. These changes mean that we’ll all need to seek alternative energy sources and swap to electric vehicles.

These can be considered logical changes, too. A home that’s not energy efficient will use far more energy, burning more fossil fuels unnecessarily. Burning fossil fuels heats up the planet, causing climate change.

Therefore, a home that’s not energy efficient is bad for the environment. It’s also bad for your bank balance, as you’re more likely to pay more for your energy bills – especially if that energy is going to waste.

How do we become energy efficient – Top 4 Ideas

There are several ways to become more energy efficient around the home:

1. Insulation


When did you last check the insulation in your home? Look at key areas, such as the loft. But also think about how insulated your walls are. Is heat escaping? You might need to call in the experts if you’re planning on overhauling your insulation, but it’s possible to update this yourself.

For instance, if you’re updating your loft, you can use rolls of insulation to fill in any gaps in the loft floor. You will need to make sure the floor panels into your loft are secured first in order to be able access the whole space, so invest in the right tools for the job, such as a drill like these from RS Components to ensure all insulation fittings are installed correctly.

By focussing on insulation, you’ll reduce the amount of heat lost through the roof and other areas of your home.

2. Energy supply


If you have an older heating appliance, you’ll find that it has a lower energy efficiency rating than newer alternatives. Upgrading your boiler could heat your home to the same temperature for less money, using less energy.

Also, make sure you bleed your radiators to release air bubbles in them. This will increase the heat output, allowing you to reduce the amount of time the heating is switched on for and using less energy to heat your home.

You might also want to get ahead of the curve and begin looking into alternative energy supplies. Something like a heat pump or solar panels could be a useful alternative.

3. Exclude draughts


Check that any draughty areas, like around windows and doors, are covered and sealed. This will help to prevent heat escaping and make sure your home stays warm.

4. Smart meters


Investing in a smart meter allows you to keep track of your energy consumption. This shows how much you use daily, weekly, and monthly, and displays how much you spend on heating and powering your property

Take the time to look at how much energy you consume around the home. Even minor changes that do not cost you anything like using a smart meter or excluding draughts can make a big difference.


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