Green Real Estate Advice to Choose a Green Location for your Home


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Green homes are trending because they serve immense advantages to buyers, residents, and investors. You can optimize space, save a fortune on energy bills, and ensure healthy living for your loved ones by opting for such properties.

The best thing is that they fetch value appreciation down the line. You can sell fast and at a good price if you plan to upgrade or downsize after a few years.

But green homes go beyond sustainable designs, energy-saving features, and locally sourced eco-friendly materials. The location of the property is where everything starts because some areas are inherently “greener” than others.

But many buyers fail to consider this aspect while buying a home, even as it is the most basic thing to check. Let us share the best real estate advice to choose a green location for your home.

1. Prioritize Accessibility


A centrally located, accessible location is a plus for home buyers. Not surprisingly, most of them are willing to shell out more for such properties. But the benefit of such locations extends beyond the real estate value and growth potential in the long run.

You can lower your carbon footprint by buying a home here. Such areas are well-connected by public transport, so you can ditch your vehicle and use it instead. Imagine the difference you can make to the environment by reducing your carbon emissions for the long haul. You can even save up on your monthly fuel bills with a home in an accessible neighborhood.

2. Dig deep into environmental Factors


Digging deep into the environmental factors is another key aspect of choosing a home in a green location. Most developers do their due diligence as a part of the site selection for their projects. You can take their word for it because they cannot get permits to build without ensuring the safety of the location from an environmental perspective.

But asking expressly about details such as wetland maps, wildlife protection, and soil conservation makes sense if you want to go the extra mile with sustainability. You should have no qualms about sealing the deal if the location suffices on these fronts.

3. Opt for Greenfield Projects


If you are a first-time home buyer, you may not be aware of the Greenfield and Brownfield development concepts. But Greenfield real estate projects are definitely ideal for buyers looking for sustainable locations. These projects start from scratch with brand-new construction on a fresh piece of land.

So, there are no pollutants or chemicals from the previous building on the construction site. As a bonus, these areas have a better environment and less congestion. So, you and your family can enjoy good health and a greener quality of life by choosing a home in such projects.

Location is one of the critical factors to consider while buying a dream home. But you must think beyond the factors like neighborhood amenities, development prospects, and real estate pricing while choosing an ideal location. Ensuring a green home location should be on top of your mind. Following these tips can help you pick a greener home wisely.


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