3 Cost-Effective Ways To Make Your Business More Sustainable


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With the UK aiming for net zero by 2050, the race is on to ensure that we are being as sustainable as possible.

While many businesses may have already taken their first steps to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a common misconception that ‘going green’ can be costly, however, this is not the case.

Here are a few ways to create an eco-friendlier business that will benefit both the environment and your company.

1. Select Materials


One of the easiest ways to become more sustainable is by using sustainable materials for your packaging, products, and marketing strategies. Over 73% of millennials would rather buy from a sustainable business so you may find that helping the environment will also increase your customer base and revenue.

For example, if you are visiting a local business fair and need advertising supplies, opt for business cards made from sustainable materials from an FSC-accredited company. You can add your contact details and your company logo to your business cards and hand them out to potential clients, or even leave them in local stores where they can be seen by customers.

For packaging, you should look to use biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled paper, and cardboard and use the smallest amount of packaging possible. Minimising your packaging is simple to execute, cost-effective and a great first step in becoming more sustainable.

2. Reduce Energy


Reducing your energy consumption is great for the environment but will also save your business money, especially with the current increase in gas and electricity prices. If your business is based in-office, energy use will likely be much higher due to lighting, heating, and multiple electrical appliances.

One way to reduce this is by offering your employees hybrid working conditions so that they are able to work from home a few days a week. This is generally a preferred option for employees due to a better work-life balance but also helps to reduce the large amounts of energy that powering and heating a large office space requires.

You may consider replacing the office lighting with more energy-efficient alternatives such as LEDs and ensure that you use natural light as much as possible if you have lots of windows. Installing motion sensors can also be a great way to reduce your energy consumption as it means that the lights will not turn on if there’s no movement in the office.

3. Reduce Waste


No matter the size of your company or industry, you will be producing waste. You should start by recycling as much as you can including paper and cardboard. Providing recycling bins in the office will encourage employees to consider their waste usage too and you should see an increase in recycling.

You may also want to purchase recycled paper for your office. This is a great option for offices that use a lot of paper as the production processes produce much less carbon and use less energy and water.

When it comes to replacing your tech, you should be aware that you can recycle this too. Only 17% of electronic waste is properly disposed of each year, so it is important to ensure that any tech you no longer need or want, such as laptops and computers, is given to a company that can recycle the e-waste appropriately. You could also consider donating old tech to charities or local organizations that may be able to find a new home for them.

With sustainable apps you may also be able to sell your electronics to others looking for secondhand items at lower prices.

Now that’s not too hard, is it? So, get started with your business sustainability mission today.


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