6 Best Green Hosting Services in the UK


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Nowadays people do not only want to know a web hosting company’s performance as a service provider or the services it offers, but they also worry about the impact their hosting provider has on the environment.

With energy costs and industrial techniques under scrutiny, energy efficiency is turning into a top goal.

Solar and wind power are two examples of renewable energy sources that are more accessible than ever, and web hosts are making use of them.

Green Web Hosting: An Ecological Effort

A greener, more ecologically friendly method of hosting websites is known as Green Web Hosting. The majority of green web hosting firms seek to offer top-notch services while making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Working Stratagem

A common tactic is to generate a quantity of energy that is equal to or higher than what is being used and to feed that energy back into the grid. By operating using sustainable energy sources like solar and wind, a business may produce greener electricity. Both of those technologies are among the most eco-friendly ways to produce power and serve as shining examples of green energy generation.

Manoeuvre Significance

Green hosting approaches include carbon offsets, directly supplying a data centre with renewable energy, landscaping data centres with trees, plants, and grass, as well as more unremarkable techniques like energy conservation and the use of an energy-efficient kit.

Some web hosting firms are starting to use green web hosting to minimize their power consumption since they are aware of the effect this has on the environmental footprint of their services.

Discover the 6 top green UK Hosting Providers and their top eco-friendly features in our list.

1. Eco Web Hosting: A Tree Planted with every Order


Website: https://www.ecowebhosting.co.uk/

Eco Web Hosting is a 15-year-old company located in the UK. They have a team full of seasoned hosting professionals that are familiar with the market and what it takes to offer quick, safe hosting. Their data centres work with vendors who only utilize solar and wind energy to supply electricity. They also have a 1.12 power use efficiency, which is incredibly low.

In addition to employing SSD storage to save energy in data centres, they have structured their hosting platform to provide customers with quick response times.

Everyone can get a personal email account with 10 GB of storage per mailbox and built-in spam protection once they are connected to the internet.

Pricing: Price ranges between £3.49 (basic plan) to £23.99 (private servers) per month.

Eco-friendly Features:

  • With every order, trees are planted.
  • 12 PUE rating.
  • Support carbon offset initiatives that adhere to the Gold Standard.


  • Efficient Carbon Footprint
  • Free SSL on All Plans
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee


  • Limited Hours for Support
  • No Dedicated or Cloud Hosting

2. Green Hosting: Eco-hosted websites with Wind Energy


Website: https://www.green-hosting.co.uk/

Green Hosting, founded in 2004, provides hosting for websites using only wind energy. That’s right—just the wind.

They have a data centre in London where the renewable energy source they obtain from UK wind farms powers all of the servers, routers, and cooling systems. Eco-hosted websites with 99% uptime are the end outcome.

In collaboration with Renewable World, Green Hosting contributes a portion of sales to this organization.

Pricing: The price starts from £5 per month.

Eco-friendly Feature:

  • 100% wind energy is used to power the system.
  • Collaborated with the non-profit organization Renewable World.
  • Utilize all UK infrastructure.


  • With Green Hosting, you may significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • There is no need to pay extra for limitless storage.


  • Some green hosting plans don’t include access to cPanel.

3. Eco Hosting: Supporting Reforestation in the UK


Website: https://www.ecohosting.co.uk/

One of the first green hosts in the UK, Eco Hosting was established in 1999. Eco Hosting is implementing cold aisle containment and free cooling chillers (from the outside air) at their most recent data center in Yorkshire to make it one of the most energy-efficient data centres in Europe.

They have helped fund reforestation initiatives in Scotland, South Wales, Devon, and Somerset. As part of the Alladale initiative in Scotland, they also support the Challenger Trust, which takes young urban youth out into the countryside to take part in environmental studies, outdoor activities, and tree planting.

Eco Hosting uses premium SSD servers with RAID 10 controllers to supply high-availability hosting services across all their hosting plans. Their VPS and dedicated servers are four times quicker than shared hosting. Additionally, Eco Hosting offers free daily backups (both local and external) of all websites and data for your peace of mind.

Pricing: Price ranges between £2.50 (Starter Package) to £4.99 (Multiple domains).

Eco-friendly Feature:

  • Assist in reforestation efforts in the UK.
  • Power-saving data centres.
  • 100% UK Based Company.


  • 24/7 proactive server monitoring.
  • Daily and weekly external backups.
  • Free website migration.


  • No Windows hosting plans.

4. Kualo: The Front Runner with Carbon Offsets & Power-saving Data Centres


Website: https://www.kualo.co.uk/

London-based Kualo has been in the hosting business for 20 years, which is almost an eternity. They have hosted 100,000 websites in 90 different nations throughout this period. They are entirely powered by renewable resources, and their data centres and servers are built according to energy-saving best practices.

They have grown and improved as a business over the past ten years, offering their clients an unmatched level of service and continuing to be at the cutting edge of internet technology. In addition to being subject matter experts, all of its workers undergo rigorous training programs to guarantee that they are consistently using the most advanced web hosting technology.

Pricing: Price ranges between £4.99 to £14.99 per month.

Eco-friendly Feature:

  • Powered entirely by renewable energy.
  • Carbon offsets and tree planting.
  • Power-saving data centres.


  • 60-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Free website builder
  • 100% free hosting for charities.


  • Expensive Hosting plans.
  • At renewal, introductory prices double.

5. 34SP: Best in Customer Service & E-Waste Recycling


Website: https://www.34sp.com/

This web host focuses on providing excellent customer service. Their core group of seasoned hosting experts provides hosting for small businesses, web designers, and web developers. They have specialized knowledge of email accounts, development servers, WordPress hosting, MySQL hosting, PHP hosting, and script hosting.

Having been in the hosting business for 20 years, 34SP’s northern data centre and office run entirely on renewable energy. Additionally, they recycle their electronic garbage through Tech Recycle. 34SP collaborates with the Woodland Trust carbon project as part of its strategy for offsetting emissions. Here, they have vowed to annually plant 7,500 square meters of fresh woods in the UK.

Pricing: Price ranges between £9.95 to £19.95 per month.

Eco-friendly Feature:

  • Engage in carbon offsetting activities with the Woodland Trust.
  • Teamed up with Tech Recycle to recycle e-waste.
  • Utilizing renewable energy (office and data centre).


  • One-click installer and Weebly website builder.
  • 30-day free trial.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t provide free Domain registration.

6. 20i: Offices powered by Solar Energy


Website: https://www.20i.com/

Jonathan and Tim Brearley, two brothers with years of experience in hosting, founded 20i in 2016. The 20i office is powered entirely by 2,088 solar panels and is situated in Nottinghamshire. Here, recycling all waste and the usage of LED lights are other green measures they implement.

The green hosting platform from 20i is based on autoscaling technology. A website’s complete hosting infrastructure may be used to assign resources when it is busy. A website will use fewer resources if it is silent, on the other hand.

Pricing: Price ranges between £5.99 (WordPress hosting) to £34.99 (Unlimited Website) per month.

Eco-friendly Feature:

  • Solar energy is used to power offices.
  • Effective application of autoscaling technology.
  • 100% renewable energy is used to power data centers.


  • Auto-scaling Load Balancing Capability.
  • Google-based DNS.


  • No Access to Apache or NGINX Settings.

Why should we start using Green Web Hosting?

It is a known truth that the internet contributes greatly to global pollution. Data centres and servers are piled on top of one another, which generates a lot of heat, much like how your laptop overheats when you execute several tasks.

You may receive a wide range of benefits and perks relating to many aspects of web hosting solutions if you opt for green web hosts such as:

  • You can get everything you need in one bundle, including site functionality, data privacy, and security.
  • The fact that environmentally friendly web hosting is safe for the planet’s ecology is one of its main benefits. Intending to reduce carbon emissions, green hosting plans aim to significantly reduce the impacts of climate change.
  • Due to the business sustainability of these renewable resources, the power generated from them saves a significant amount of money over the long term. Lower-priced hosting bundles are offered to customers as a result of the decreased expenses.
  • Your online business will improve its reputation if you choose a green hosting package. Many people now need to collaborate with groups that care enough about the environment to make adjustments to lessen their overall ecological impact.

Even the best businesses can improve their business operations in terms of greener technology, and so can private individuals. With the green web hosts listed here, hopefully, you can review your choices in a bid to go green.


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