How to Cut your Soaring Energy Use & Cost with Solar Lights?


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Looking to add some more economical outdoor lighting to your home that won’t break your bank?

Solar lights might be the perfect option for you! In this article, you are sure to find comprehensive information related to solar lights to identify the right choice for you.

We’ll cover how solar lights work, the different types available, and what factors you need to consider when choosing solar lights.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be an expert on solar lighting and will be able to choose the perfect set of solar lights for your home.

What Are Solar Lights and What Are They Used For?


Solar lights are a type of outdoor lighting that uses the energy of the sun to power the light. Solar lights are a great option for adding lighting to your home because they are environmentally friendly, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive.

Solar lights can be used for a variety of purposes, including accenting your landscaping, providing security around your home, and illuminating walkways and driveways.

How Do Solar Lights Work?


Solar lights work by using a solar panel to convert the energy of the sun into electricity. The solar panel is usually located on top of the light fixture and is connected to a battery.

During the day, the solar panel charges the battery with sunlight. The role of the battery is to power the light at night. Most solar lights have an automatic sensor that turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn.

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Types of Solar Lights


If you explore the market, you will come across a wide variety of solar lights.

The most preferred ones include:

Solar String Lights

These are typically used for decorative purposes and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Solar Spotlights

These are ideal for accenting specific features in your landscaping or for providing security lighting around your home.

Solar Flood Lights

These are perfect for illuminating larger areas such as walkways, driveways, or parking areas.

Solar Post Lights

These can be used to add lighting to your walkway or driveway.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Lights?


There are many benefits of solar lights including:

  • Solar lights are environmentally friendly because they use renewable energy from the sun.

  • Solar lights are easy to install because there is no need to run wiring. Simply place them in a sunny location and they will be ready to use.

  • Solar lights are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other types of outdoor lighting.

  • Solar lights require very little maintenance. Once they are installed, you can simply forget about them!

What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Lights?

There are a few disadvantages of solar lights to consider including:

  • Solar lights require sunlight to work. If you live in an area with little sun, solar lights may not be a good option for you.

  • Solar lights can take several hours to fully charge. This means that they may not provide enough light if you need it right away.

  • Solar lights may not be as bright as traditional outdoor lights. However, newer solar lights are much brighter than older models.

How to Choose Solar Lights?


When choosing solar lights, there are a few factors you need to consider, such as:

The Purpose of The Light

Are you looking for accent lighting, security lighting, or general lighting? The type of light you choose will depend on the purpose. For example, solar string lights are typically used for decorative purposes, while solar motion lights are better suited for providing security around your home.

The Location of The Light

Make sure to place your solar lights in a sunny location. If the location is too shady, the solar lights will not work as well. The solar lights need to be placed in an area where they will receive direct sunlight for at least six hours each day.

The Type of Light

Do not get confused with the number of choices available. Take time to analyse your needs and then buy accordingly. For example, solar flood lights are perfect for illuminating larger areas, while solar post lights can be used to add lighting to your walkway or driveway.

The Size of The Light

Solar lights come in a variety of sizes. Choose a size that will be appropriate for the location you have chosen.

The Brightness of The Light

Solar lights are available in a range of brightness levels. Pick the one that can offer enough illumination as per your needs.

The Cost of The Light

Solar lights can vary widely in cost. Shop around to find the best deal. The saying “you get what you pay for” also applies to solar lights. Choose a light that is of good quality and will last for many years.


Now that you know more about solar lights, you can decide if they are the right choice for your needs. Solar lights are a great way to add lighting to your home while saving you money especially as energy costs are on the rise. They are also environmentally friendly options and require very little maintenance. If you can place your solar lights in an area where they can receive plenty of sunlight, they are definitely worth considering. Now it’s time to choose the perfect solar light set to make your home more sustainable with the help of a handyman.


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