How To Keep Your Home Clean & Eliminate Pests With Natural Methods?

How To Keep Your Home Clean & Eliminate Pests With Natural Methods

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Pests easily enter your home through small holes, openings, and cracks, especially if they are attracted by openly accessible food. If pests are not controlled, they will occupy almost all the parts of your home, but especially some commonly used areas like the kitchen, bathroom/toilet, and storage spaces so it is important to keep your home clean and eliminate pests with natural methods.

It is an important task for every house owner to adopt effective and eco-friendly pest management procedures while keeping their house clean and hygienic.

It is key to spot the early signs of pest infestation in residential areas with some common inspection methods outlined for each area in the house below.

Your kitchen is the main suspect area of pest infestation because it is the place where foods, dirty dishes, and food wastes are kept that attract various pests including rodents, cockroaches, ants, and flies. The bedroom can be infested by bedbugs. In the bathroom area, you can suspect pests like cockroaches, worms, spiders, and mosquitoes, most commonly in basements.

Where to find which types of pests in your home?

Living Area

Living AreaSpilled snacks, foods, or drinks in the living room attract pests like ants and flies easily, especially in the warmer months when windows and doors are open more frequently.

The furniture in your living area can also sometimes serve as a living and nesting place for pests like bugs inside your cushions, pillows, and soft furnishings. You may come across the following pests:

  • Termites
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Fleas
  • Ants

Kitchen Area

Kitchen AreaThe kitchen is the place where pests initially enter your home. The food wastes, uncleaned dishes, uncovered food items, or left-over food products and garbage easily attract the following pests with the smell and moisture:

  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Silverfish
  • Mice/rats

Bathroom Area

Bathroom AreaPests easily infest your bathroom due to any leakage or damp area. You can observe cockroaches mainly in the nighttime. The darkness and moisture easily attract the following pests to settle:

  • Silverfish
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

Pests Outdoors

Pests OutdoorsYour terrace, garden, and balcony areas are the favourite places for the pests to build their nest near your house with close proximity to your kitchen area. You may find the spot the following:

  • Bats
  • Squirrels
  • Mice/rats
  • Foxes

Natural Control Measures to eliminate Pests at home

  • Natural Control Measures to eliminate Pests at homeClean your fridge, stove, tables, and surfaces, dishwasher regularly to eliminate the food leftovers completely so that no odours attract them.
  • Clean your kitchen counters, hob, and sink after every meal.
  • Before discarding food or drink cans and jars and beverage bottles make sure to rinse them thoroughly.
  • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas of the house.
  • Sweep and mop the floor is at least once a week, ideally after food and drinks have been spilled.
  • Trim all the bushes and plants in your garden, balcony, or terrace regularly and remove any webs or nests.
  • Keep all food products in closed containers, avoid leaving any foods open.
  • Vacuum your mattresses and soft furnishings regularly to remove bed bugs and dry clean any mattress toppers, cushions, and curtains at least every few months.
  • Regularly remove the rubbish from the kitchen.
  • Use organic sponges as recommended in the eco-friendly products guide by companies such as Wearth London, as they are made of bamboo and cotton, contributing to a zero-waste and high absorbent product use.
  • You can also use green apps to help reduce food waste in your home.

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